In North America and in the UK, we are One in Five: women between the age of 40 and 45 who do not, and so probably will not, have children.

One in five is lots. That’s up from one in ten, just fifteen years ago. The number is rising steadily and in some places and communities it is much higher. But in a world where motherhood is still widely accepted as a woman’s highest calling, we can look out onto the stroller parade and feel so very alone.

We are One in Five, and we herald the future. We have so much to say to each other and to our allies: to men and women, moms and nons, and especially to young women who may be struggling with the massive question of whether or not to take the motherhood road. The truth is that there is no should or shouldn’t, no right or wrong decision. The pros do not weigh against the cons. What we do need to hear, is that the reality of our mothers and grandmothers is not necessarily the reality of today. Social and biological pressures can be excruciating, and it helps to be reminded that there are infinite ways to live fruitful, creative, and joyous lives. We have every right and every reason to be happy—with, or without.

Non-Moms.com is where I blog my own journey as a woman walking the childless path. I am tossing out ideas and questions and musings and discoveries, and opening up the floor to everyone, Non-Moms and allies alike, to respond and have their say. I’ll be show’n’telling stuff I find on the subject. And I am on the lookout for subjects for the Portraits, which may eventually find expression as a book, a touring photo exhibition, a video series, seminar, workshop, epic finger-puppet pageant, or … who knows. It is a mystery.

Non-Moms.com is a place to consider what it is to walk the world as a childless woman today. No matter why our feet touched down on this path—whether through choice or circumstance—here we are. We are One in Five. And life is good.

About Carmen

carmen on busCarmen (Roshin) Mills is a 51-yr-old writer, graphic designer, and community activator. She currently lives in a funkified green schoolbus on Cortes Island, BC, but frequently makes mischief in Vancouver BC, and passes chunks of time in residence at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe NM.

Carmen blogs about bicycles, buddhism, and all kinds of random stuff at bicyclebuddha.org. She showcases her design work at emeraldcity.ca.【SPUで最大16倍!】lala 補正下着[グラントイーワンズ ララ ファンタジー ハイウエスト ショート ガードル]LALA 補正 下着 ララ LaLa グラント イー ワンズ ガードル ハイウエス
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