We are One in Five. This is what we look like.

One in Five: Portraits of Non-Moms and Our Lives is a work in progress: a collection of intimate portraits of women who do not self-identify as mothers. Each portrait includes a high-quality professional photograph, a first-person story extracted from a personal interview, and supplementary photos which together comprise a portrait of a rich and many-faceted life.

Portrait subjects are not necessarily celebrities or high-profile achievers. They represent women of all cultures and backgrounds and lifestyles, who live meaningful, vibrant, and fulfilling lives outside of the traditional mothering role.

Some stories are painful, some are funny, some are triumphant. Each is colourful and unique.

If you or someone you know might make a good portrait subject, please get in touch. We are especially looking for subjects who are based in rural or First Nations communities, or lower-income communities, or who come from cultures where non-moms are rare. We want to look into your eyes and know that life is good.

*Excerpts from the Portraits will be featured periodically on Non-Moms.com. Full Portraits will be published in the book.1484豊岡製鞄(木和田)日本製 レトロOPダレスボストンバッグ 選べる3色(ブラック、チョコ、キャメル)日本製 手作り メンズ レディース 男性 女性 ビジネス ギフト 就職 転職 退職 父の日
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